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People with a luxury lifestyle don’t have many outlets to find inspiration for their decor. Short of hiring an interior designer, what are you supposed to do? Luckily, there’s a home decorative blog run by an interior design influencer with years of experience here to help you. It’s called The Design Raven, and it was hand-made for you.

At The Design Raven, I curate blogs that help connect you to the right sources for your home decoration needs. I will link to products that might interest you, and I highlight the newest trends in the industry.

I have a long history in this space. I know the ins and outs of the industry and I’ve made a lot of network connections in decor and design. I use my experience, passion, knowledge, and contacts to put together a home decorative blog that has something for everyone. The Design Raven isn’t like the other decor blogs out there, this is for all types of people.

The Design Raven has content that caters to people leading a luxury lifestyle. I have impressive art and decor that would look lovely in your halls featured on my blog. Equally, The Design Raven has content for Middle America just looking to fit in. Whether you’re trying to keep up with the Jones or the Kardashians, The Design Raven is perfect for you.

I am an interior design influencer who is looking to share industry secrets with the world. I debut products and information that you may not otherwise hear about. The work on my blogs will inspire you and I’ll direct you to the proper source for you to purchase the products for yourself.

Before I started The Design Raven, people would ask me personally where to get different items. They were lost in the world of home decor and looking for help. I realized it was my duty to start reporting on the newest items, the hottest trends, and how to make them your own. Finding inspiration is a tough thing for most people. Short of seeing something accidentally on TV or the internet, it’s almost impossible.

That’s why I think The Design Raven is so invaluable. I give honest suggestions for different products that might interest different people. Even though my products aren’t picked specifically for you, you’ll feel like you have your own personal interior designer when you read pieces from The Design Raven.

You can learn more about The Design Raven and start reading my blog posts today when you visit me online. I have more information about myself, my mission, and how I can help you. Scroll through the site at your own leisure and reach out if you have any questions or comments. For a great home decorative blog, check out The Design Raven.


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